Sunday, April 16, 2017


I have waited for YEARS to coax bluebirds to nest here. They are finally nesting,not in the new boxes I put up facing east, but the older one at the garden. I am so pleased. Yesterday while listening to a radio station that plays Little Feat music for 4 hours straight without interuption, it can be found on your computer, Deep Jams Radio on Sat.`s 12-4pm eastern time, I cleaned & watched the bluebirds gather nesting material. Today after leaving Easter dinner, I made my way to walmart to buy mealworm cakes & more birdseed. I bet I was the only one not looking for rollback candy!
The female,not so bright in color trying to get a drink.I went down & filled all the water dishes

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Birthday for Evie

Facebook has not been so nice in letting me post pictures,always a malfunction,so am posting these here from today. I will try to play catch-up with my blog tomorrow maybe.

My friends grandchild had a 7th birthday today at an amusement center.Here`s the pictures ,my grandaughter,Savannah was invited.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wild Bird Wed.rose breasted grosbeaks

The rose breasted grosbeak is a bird who migrates through May on their way north to breed & then again in Sept.flying through to the south.You cannot miss their clink clink call as they even call in the dead of night.This year they arrived as usual in Sept.,but there are still a few yet here into Nov.,I`m guessing because the weather has been so warm still so there are alot of insects & berries left for them to linger a little longer.

The pictures I took last year was of one who came to the feeder alot, however none came to the feeder this year,instead chosing to hide in the grape arbor & in amongst the trees here in the woods .The pictures I was able to get this year are a little blurry & were taken during a hike in some farmlands where they were flying everywhere through the weeds.

Go here to link up with Stewart to view birds from around the world.
This field was full of the grosbeaks,I cropped & enlarged to show them close up

Thursday, October 27, 2016

When pets are sick

let me see here,I think I can figure out how to open this...
I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged.I changed some pictures on my sidebars,I put Rich & my wedding picture up cutting the cake at my parents,I was 3 months pregnant with Richie then.So long ago... 

Some of the cats I had on there I rehomed.One cat my son had I have now,Blaze,he is now here with me.His picture is not on there.I had him rehomed,but he was brought back because the guy said he wouldn`t socialize with him & his daughter & after 3 days he still wasn`t eating.When he brought Blaze in,he went right for Simon the collie & Simon loved on him & he rubbed back & forth on him.I was stunned,didn`t even know that those 2 have a bond. I guess it is because Blaze is out more than in . I do not like cats outdoors,but he & my mom`s cat I inherited,Pumpkin, want out more than in so I gave up.Occasionally they bring gifts of mice & moles & chipmunks,I think they like to watch me scream in horror at a headless chipmunk.Sneaky creatures those cats.

I also have 6 bunnies now.I am hoping to find homes for them.Between them & my parrots my days are tied up cleaning them.

In June my Simon became very ill.His blood sugar was plummenting down to the 30`s & once in the 20`s.My vet put him in the hospital for 2 days,then we kept following up & we now believe he has Addisons Disease.He is staying stable on a steriod every other day.
 A couple of months later,it was Simba`s,the cat`s, turn to be sick.I knew right away what was wrong with him,a kidney blockage. He has been hospitalized twice,then just back again this week to the vets blocked again. This time the vet couldn`t believe what he pulled out of him,it was hanging out & when he pulled it,it was 3 inches long,a mucous plug.I have to take him back in Nov. to be rechecked as they saw something in his bladder that they want rechecked again. Needless to say, I could have bought a small used car with all the money tied up in my family,haha.

Sonya,the german shep pup ,became too much for me at one point this summer when she was outside she ate mud,yes,mud,& vomited mud all night long so I begged my son to take her.She lived with him awhile,then she came back with me when she stressed HIM out too much.Yesterday I had her spaded & microchipped so she is done now & I hope to work with her one on one until she listens.She really has a mind of her own & already weighs over 60 lbs at 6 months.She will be good for me to have as she grows older because living where I do she is quite the scarey looking dog . 

Not funny,I can see you in there
The chickens & duck are growing & I found out I have 2 roosters. So far it has been ok,no fighting.One rooster keeps getting on a hen.They have not started laying eggs yet.I hope they will be unfertilized eggs! My son has their run almost done & then I will place the nest boxes in.Sally will lay eggs too but at what age I am not sure.

The pictures didn`t go on in order,but hope you got a chuckle anyhow...editing post for Sat`s critters at this link
Hello,anyone home?


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wild Bird Wed.

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The last of the hummingbirds are gearing up to leave,filled feeders for probably the last time today. I feel as though I missed the summer watching them as it was so hot this year here in Pa.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Sat.`s critters

Sally the duck,do ducks bite? she acts as though she is going to bite me
This picture is today,Aug.19.One allowed me to hold & pet her today.It is hard to reach them in this coop.
she is laughing because she is secretly afraid of getting poked in the eye
July 18th they were moved outside
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This was the last of my bucket list,to have chickens.I ordered the chicks some time ago from Meyers Hatchery & on July 11 they were delivered to the post office.Everyone at the post office were oooing & ahhhing over the small chrips from inside the box. We got them home & with some special help from my son,we got them situated in a galvanized tub in my bird room.They had sent me 10 when I only ordered 8 hens & 1 rooster,but I was glad as the 1 little yellow hen did not make it.I ordered some that will lay the blue & maybe pink eggs.

The chicks grew really fast quickly! & soon we were taking them to the outside hutch my late husband had made me for the bunnies who now live indoors in the birds room,too hot for them outdoors.

My granddaughter was given a duck during the Path Valley barnyard games,so now we have a duck to add at some point,lol,I hope I can put Sally the duck in with the chickens at some point.Sally smells.
2 days later,see how much they grew!

dipping their beaks
Next year I hope to have them somewhat open range,but for the rest of the year I am keeping them close to the house.My granddaughter is a little afraid of getting pecked...
July 12