Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fox Sparrows

He & I are tired of the winter

Soooo, it has almost been a YEAR since I blogged. What would bring me back? Well,I have really missed my friends, & I really had to share a new pair of birds,ones I have never seen but maybe others have, fox sparrows. In ONE of the recent snowstorms we`ve had  a pair came to the feeder,I am hoping they`ve stayed awhile but haven`t really walked through the woods to see if any signs of them remain. 
size compared to the white throated sparrow

Thursday, May 18, 2017

3 years today,"with a little help from my friends",Sherry,Rock,family & friends they all helped to get us by...

the man who actually drove Rich gave me the stirrup from his boot to remember the last ride,as if I`d ever forget
our son
me in the drivers seat
Sherry And Rock to ride with Rich one last time

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sat.`s Critters

Sonya,bird watching as she tears up a stick
Pumpkin my mom`s cat 
4 cuckoo marans,2 easter eggers,an extra yellow chick that I didn`t order in case 1 dies I suppose & 1 of the easter eggers might not make it
eastern bluebird
baby wrens fledged from the mailbox & were carefully hidden in this butterfly bush,still being fed by parents
A lot of activity here at my feeder in Pa.,the bluebirds are still coming for food but I have not seen any babies yet.

The carolina wrens fledged from the mailbox & seem to be on their way to adulthood still being protected & taught by the parents to stay in dense shrubs while they work on their flying techniques. I did not crop these photos as I wanted you to see how well protected they are.

This robin reminds me of my robin of years ago who followed all about the yard after my husband & I saved him. You can scroll through my older posts to find the "robin with the wierd feather".

These are the last chicks I am getting, I wanted the Cuckoo Marans as they lay the deep dark brown eggs that supposedly have a different flavor, & a couple of more easter eggers.I am up tp 16 chickens now & that is enough for me to care for. I love the silkies but I tell myself no...

I am linking up with Eileen here to share these critters & enjoy others from around the states & world. Link Here:

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sunsets from last night

a young girl had a car accident an hour or so before & it seems angel orbs were still here,she was unharmed after crossing the field too fast

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Indigo Bunting among other birds to visit the feeder today

indigo bunting
The indigo bunting is a much smaller bird than the bluebird,but what an eye -catching color of blue.They do not linger too long here,so I was happy to see him today.

So many birds to feed this year. I have never seen so many bluejays in my yard either. I guess I am the only one feeding & offering water as 2 of my neighbors passed.

The carolina wren is nesting in this old mailbox. It was so hard to get them coming in going,I hear little voices so I know they`ve hatched.

It is much faster loading my pictures here. I have not been able to load them on facebook lately & I love showing my backyard birdbirds,have a great weekend everyone!

you could sense their fear as the hawk has been flying about.

Mr.& finch