Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wed. Wild birds More robins!

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alright already!!!
Sun. when I drew the curtains open, this is what I saw, robins fighting to get that drink of water. I hurriedly took mealworms down & filled the dish to the rim.
ok, stop embarrassing me here
I was here first, quit your pushin`!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sat.`s critters .id rather b birdin` and funny story

On a road close to my home there runs a gasline. The soil must be warmer along the gasline because the snow always melts the whole way up & down &green grass was showing at the end of Jan. I was driving down the road without my camera, & saw flocks of robins digging in that green grass. Of course no one believed me.
On Feb 7th I looked out my kitchen window & exclaimed to my friend on the phone, there is a robin in the tree out here. I hurriedly told Linda, wow, he must be waiting to get to the feeder, he is after the very expensive mealworms I bought at Tractor Supply. She said her goodbyes so I could try & get a picture. I grabbed my camera, & crept from window to window, snapping pictures. The 5 dogs all were sensing my excitement, so they tried to get in on whatever action was taking me to the door. I couldn`t believe he wasn`t flying away with all the barking & commotion. I get to the door & realized the "bird" had never moved. He also had no head! It was a rotten apple clinging to the tree outside my door!!!!!
Well, my creditability was shot with my friends. I excitedly told them, I DO have the flock of robins here that I saw in Jan.! I was able to prove it this time.  They were gathering mud in the lane, perhaps to make nests with? I hope they got the nests made because we are in for below 0 wind chills here tonight.
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rotten apple
waving at me

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sat`s critters

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This week I am sharing a red shouldered hawk from Feb. 2013. I believe they have been nesting in my neighbors woods. Not the clearest  pictures....

Monday, February 2, 2015

Bluejay & dark eyed junco

Pictures from yesterday..
junco saw me from the bush,then flew towards me to the wood pile on the deck,I was glad he didn`t hit the window
he spots me

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sat.`s Critters

Simon & Belle
Mia & Belle
My critters today are some of my pets, the dogs love playing in the snow, & the blue n gold macaws enjoy some time out of their cages. Linking up with Eileen for Sat`s critters, click & share your own at this link: 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Good Fences

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My parents had this old fence around their yard for some time, & their neighbor put up a chain link fence for her dogs & asked them to take their fence down. So my husband & I took the fence & put about our veg. garden. Well, I added gourds too to the garden, & after some time this gourd or 2 grew into the fence. It remained there a long time. One year honey bees decided that they were a good place to winter over- note a hole on the clear left side of one. We worried about them overwintering, & our local honey man told us to find someone with hives, take a vacuum cleaner with a clean bag & suck them up & try to release them to a hive. But they really didn`t think that they would survive. We didn`t try, but we were always looking to see what was living in the gourds for some time afterwards.  

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wild Bird Wed white throated sparrow

I`m a day late, but you can still share your backyard / wild birds over at Stewart`s blog at this link
This week I have been seeing a lot of white throated sparrows at the feeder.