Sunday, September 27, 2015

More evenning grosbeak pictures

There seems to be just a single grosbeak. The baby is still here & did go up to my neighbor`s feeder for which I was thankful for. My elderly neighbor
 had not seen one for years.
Under the wings is bright red, I think he will eventually become a rose-breasted evening grosbeak.
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eyeing my other feeder
note the red feathers under his wings
blurry but wanted to show the under wings of red

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Evenning Grosbeak

My neighbor & I have been taking our 90 year old neighbor supper in the evening during the week, & on my walk home tonight I spotted an evening grosbeak at my feeder. They migrate through here in May then again in Sept. , but I haven`t seen them for awhile. I just saw 1.
I started taking my feeder apart to clean , it is filthy.

eastern wood pee-wee?
I always leave the jewelweed for the hummingbirds

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wild Bird Wed.

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I am sharing some hummingbird pictures , I am down to 1 or 2 birds now. I have no clue why they don`t all leave together , I will miss these little birds & their comical displays in the air. I was very nearly dive bombed  by them several times this year....mental note to myself, watch wearing red in the summertime!
I also have a new bird, I am always pleased to see a new bird. At first I thought it was a great crested flycatcher , but correct me if I am wrong , it may be an eastern wood-peewee. The bird chirps into the night , & it is not a mockingbird. I haven`t seen those birds for awhile here in my yard/woods. 
Well, blogger won`t let me upload my photos, 3 times now & I have wasted an hour of my time. Is this worth it? I select the photos , click add , then when I am done I go to click off the X so I can continue on to publish....can`t click off...oh, well, headed off to Stewart`s site...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wild Bird Wed.

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These pictures are from 2013. The brown thrashers have nested here for many, many years. Last year they arrived exactly the same time as usual at my feeder, in April, however, no babies, no signs of what happened other than the fact the black rat snake made his /her rounds about the trees & bushes & perhaps he ate their babies as they laid eggs as soon as they arrived & made the nest.   Sadly, last year in May is when I lost my husband too. This brown thrashers at all, not nesting close to the feeder anyhow. The snake was here-earlier at the end of May-but there was a nest of coopers hawks & I pray they feasted on the snakes as I have not seen a snake since ...may the circle of life return here again. There are almost no catbirds, don`t see any robins around, the usual cardinals & chickadees weren`t wiped out, thank you dear Lord... so sharing the last time I had the brown thrashers feeding their little ones in June of 2013.

Monday, August 10, 2015

yellow cabbage butterflies

Pictures of the yellow cabbage butterflies pooling in mud over at Wadel`s farm. These butterflies are actually a pest, feeding on the farmers cabbage & mustard plants.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sat.`s Critters

I took my granddaughter to a place that sells ice cream & sandwiches this week so we could see their deer. The guys were still in velvet, the white buck`s horns look sore, perhaps he was rubbing the velvet off.
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we only saw 1 fawn 
goldfinch bathing as we ate at the picnic table
and that`s what he thought of all the picture taking