Monday, August 18, 2014

Chasing Butterflies

Chasing butterflies ,back in 2009 when things were so much easier. Today makes 3 months since Rich died. As I said before, it seems much longer. My aunt told me this evening that some of her worse times were more recent than when she first lost my uncle, which has been years since Uncle John died. I don`t think mine can get any worse really.
I`ve been whacking weeds left & right ,working the ground like a fool. When I finally get the little part of our yard that is not woods into shape, I need to get at the bedroom & start painting it & getting rid of his clothes, which are still laying haphazardly about the dresser ,mainly on top, as he could never ever find anything ,he used all of the dressers but kept the clothes he wore everyday on the top of 1 dresser.He had 3 dressers, me just 1, I had mine in totes & cramped in the closet. I think it was because he kept changing jean sizes he had to have so much room.
My son came out today & cooked me supper. He revamped the bird gym my brother built for me. I thought the gym would be fine, but Melissa the macaw kept getting down somehow. She horribly bit through Elvis,the African gray Timneh`s ,cage through the cage bar & bit his toenail off. He bled for 2 days. I felt as though it was all my fault. When we first got him  about 25 years ago, he was already missing the top of a toe on the same foot to another macaw. So, I have put him & Zeba back out on my enclosed porch. I believe the gym is fixed so she can`t get down now. Jerry was down once, but she may have pushed him down. They both go to the vet next week for nail, beak,& wing grooming. I was to take them 6 months ago & couldn`t. Melissa has been this way since Rich died. She was his bird, though he hadn`t spent much time with her before he died. She may be going into a " I wanna breed now mode" too since they are both open & free together. I will consult with the vet.
Taking it day to day, I know my future, I know it is all good for God takes care of me.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

male cardinal ,hummingbird,Mia the collie

Savannah went home tonight.She & I got our names on the front page of our local newspaper about buying second hand clothing here local.There is a dress code,so we were mainly looking for shoes & boots & jeans to wear in the woods when she is here.Mia is enjoying her attention while Savannah brushes her.

I don`t know what this male cardinal is doing,he seems to see me in the house taking his picture.

I made another gallon of hummingbird food,they are loading up I suppose for take-off. The summer has passed so quickly,it just doesn`t seem like it is time for them to go.Never a good time for me anymore for the going part.
Mia & Savannah

she`ll be going back to school the 25th,2ond grade
I like to watch them till it`s too dark to see them

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Male Box Turtle

While out looking for mushrooms yesterday,my son & granddaughter came across this male box turtle,he had the brightest orange legs & neck that I`ve ever seen.We released him back in the woods.
Linking up with Eileen at Sat.`s critters

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Savannah with Jen`s horses

Eagle,Jen`s husband`s horse
My son & granddaughter went with me in search of bald eagles today,but they weren`t in the spot where my friend Jennifer has been seeing them.So we followed her to Karen`s farm to visit the horses.
I am always stunned at how large Harlan is.Jennifer has really worked with him & he is gaining a lot of manners.She`s a wonderful horse trainer.She got him out & Savannah & Richie brushed the dirt off him & she saddled him up for a ride. He loves children,& I`d bet he`d be a good therapy horse.
She also showed us Eagle,her husband`s horse who needs a little work she said.He is beautiful.
She also showed us a different kind of horse & I can`t think what kind it is,a pisco something....I`m sure she or Richie will
 let me know,& I`ll edit it in then.It is a Habanero PasoFina

The mountains were so beautiful today.
Savannah was asking about the reins & what they do,good questions for a 7 year old.
guineses to drive away snakes
this horse has a floating gait,can`t remember the name
stunning horse
We thanked Jenn for the afternoon,stopped at the Milky Way for a sandwich.I saw they had fresh peach sundaes,if Rich had been alive,we would have had them for our supper....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

For Lori at the doctor`s office

I had my son at the doctor`s today,& Lori who works there whom I recently discovered that I worked with her mom in nursing,wondered if I took the pictures on facebook she sees.I said some of them,but I`ll blog some so you can see if they are on here.Alot of times people are too busy to click on a link which shows up on facebook..I haven`t written for awhile,& also found that I couldn`t comment on some other blogs,so I need to start getting involved with it again.It keeps my mind fertile,this blogging we do...

hummingbird moth
my meadow back in 2010

Friday, August 1, 2014

Been keeping busy

I`ve been busy,it`s the best way to be. It seems like years since Rich died,but it`s only been a little over 2 months.

I was brought a little dog as a stray & was not being taken care of,but I had to turn him in,the owners have him,but the warden is on them so I filed to get him,but shouldn`t be sharing this I suppose ,so I won`t show his picture.I felt the most alive in the 2 days I had him than I have in a long time.

The snakes have been awful.I have not had the brown thrashers at the feeder feeding their young'un`s at all,I believe the black rat snake may have gotten the babies right out of the nest as I`ve saved a few catbirds by taking the hose to them in the trees,yes,in the trees!!!!
he is doubled across this limb

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Newburg,Pa.rural life festival

tractor pulls
plenty for children to do,picking up taters
they used wire  to tie the bales,no one wore gloves,had to be hard on hands
pride in the Amish man`s face
I loved watching the peoples faces
the man on the clear left knew every operation going on at this festival
the husks are flying off
the steam engine ran this machine that made the hay really fine.the hay too wet to use,other hay was used to bale
My friend,Cathleen,invited me on go to an event that you don`t normally see,the Amish demonstrating how work on the farm was done in the olden times.It was almost 90 degrees on Sat.I was really moving forward with throwing away & the keeping of other things of my husband`s,here at home,I didn`t want to stop because I was making some progress.
the young couple running this steam engine were adorable

the man is driving the horses to cut the hay
a lot of thistles
gathering of the cut hay

But,I did decide to go,& I was glad.I don`t know how many pictures I can upload on this one post,but I`ll begin & may have to complete it another day.

removing corn from husks
I don`t think the pictures are going to load in order....just sayin`.
the horses at rest

these belts to this other machine help bale the hay
I had a ride on the wagon
cutting the hay by horses