Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our house,is a very,very,very fine house...

Chloe looking for a 4 leaved clover
this road will soon be blocked,look how everyone makes new ways to try to get to their house
My a very, very, very fine house, with 2 cats in the yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you.....the song trailed through my mind for some reason as I planted bulbs & roses, & watched my "kids" have a wonderful day with me.
Belle to Mia",here`s the thing about them boys..."
"they are silly & never tell the truth"..,Mia be like,"oh yeah.."
is this one big enough,Mom?

one of Rich`s roses ,the  foliage is still really pretty & it is about to rebloom, however frost will probably nab it tomorrow
strange blue happy light, orb has a smiley face

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Michaux State Forest

I drove a couple of minutes up the road this afternoon to hike & photograph some fall colors. The woods have not changed much yet. There were a lot of people out & about riding bikes, I didn`t see any boats on the lake, but there were some tied up on trucks.
wrong time of day to get good pictures of the vista
a lot of the forest is fenced in now
the fences have something to do with keeping out the deer in certain areas
kinda scares me that someone would target practice here

Harrisburg ,Pa. horse show on Oct.3

I am so behind in blogging. I`ve had some very hard days again, but God is with me, & with the help of friends, I`m feeling better.

I didn`t have my camera setting right,so after about 300 pics! I had to still redo some of them because of the bling & movement of the horses.

The people really love showing their horses.It was free parking & free admission, I don`t believe that they benefited money wise by showing ,one group of people drove clear from Utah.

Someone with a Merasedes-poor spelling today- parked a group in for 2 hours,they couldn`t leave.We were angry for the lack of empathy from the owner of the car.
such beautiful bling on these horses

this girl`s leg looked like a part of the horse`s leg
I went with 2 friends on Oct. 3rd to see another horse show. They were awesome. Draft horses, Clydesdales ,& another type that starts with a P,black horse.They were all lovingly decked out, & getting these large horses to pull these carriages around barrels, to stop, walk, trot, just a beautiful thing to enjoy, I thank my friends for having me along.
Kenny Ro,but he looks like him