Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wild Bird Wed

This Wed I am sharing the hummingbird babies that are still here.I believe that their parents have already left. I spent yesterday afternoon outside picking peaches with my camera beside me. They are so curious, also appearing to look up to the sky as if they were searching for a sign as to when to go.

A female cardinal was feeding her baby, the baby looks great, but she looks a little frazzled.

The Carolina wren was molting too.

The photos may not load in order, but here`s my selection for Steward`s meme...go here to submit your photos
this could be a male,there`s a hint of red starting at his neck
poor mama
baby cardinal
give me a break!

hummingbird lingered while I picked peaches
jewelweed & zinnias the hummingbirds love these
so curious I will miss them when they go

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Light

I get so discouraged sometimes. Lately I have been just stopping & walking away from my problem, this just happened to me as I was canning tomatoes .
heirloom tomatoes
For the first time in years I canned tomatoes, they are heirloom, I only paid $5 for a bushel from an Amish farmer my friend Cathleen found on a backroad in Roxbury. I was dismayed at all the seeds in them, plus I got a lot of juice as they were really ready to be done, he was about to feed them to his pigs on the farm. So I knew I have a strainer contraption in the spare room I have, but when I went to look for it, I could not find it in the spot on top the wardrobe where it was kept. I took a walk outside with the dogs & prayed, & I also asked my dead husband where can it be?!!!! it was always there unless you moved it. I first saw the light in the rose I just bought & planted in his memory, then I knew where to look for it, he actually "came through" & told me look beside the wardrobe ,it is between it & the wall wedged.
my saucer,I was happy,happy,happy & peaceful
As I came up the ramp with the dogs to come back inside & check on this "revelation",I turned & saw this light travelling through the woods. I didn`t capture it too good, light is hard to capture, but I came inside & sure enough ,there it was!!!! So, I was able to make sauce, & I am sure it`ll be the best sauce ever!
it was almost dark
the strange light
too much juice,but heated them twice that is why
Leaving you with some views down the roads,can you believe these peacocks were all over this porch & yard?!

Wild Bird Wed.great blue heron

I took a little road trip with my friend, Cathleen, on Sat. & on the back roads leading to Amish country, we spotted this great blue heron. She tells me this bird is here every Sun. when they pass this way to church. So, I went back after my church on Sun. ,& sure enough, this lone heron was there. It is the first time I`ve been this close to a heron. There are no nests in trees there, so perhaps this fellow is just passing through. The pictures aren`t great, but I was happy to get a few.

Hooking up with Stewart for wild bird Wed. at this link. have another day yet to submit your photo to his meme.
he startled some ducks when he landed here

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chasing Butterflies

Chasing butterflies ,back in 2009 when things were so much easier. Today makes 3 months since Rich died. As I said before, it seems much longer. My aunt told me this evening that some of her worse times were more recent than when she first lost my uncle, which has been years since Uncle John died. I don`t think mine can get any worse really.
I`ve been whacking weeds left & right ,working the ground like a fool. When I finally get the little part of our yard that is not woods into shape, I need to get at the bedroom & start painting it & getting rid of his clothes, which are still laying haphazardly about the dresser ,mainly on top, as he could never ever find anything ,he used all of the dressers but kept the clothes he wore everyday on the top of 1 dresser.He had 3 dressers, me just 1, I had mine in totes & cramped in the closet. I think it was because he kept changing jean sizes he had to have so much room.
My son came out today & cooked me supper. He revamped the bird gym my brother built for me. I thought the gym would be fine, but Melissa the macaw kept getting down somehow. She horribly bit through Elvis,the African gray Timneh`s ,cage through the cage bar & bit his toenail off. He bled for 2 days. I felt as though it was all my fault. When we first got him  about 25 years ago, he was already missing the top of a toe on the same foot to another macaw. So, I have put him & Zeba back out on my enclosed porch. I believe the gym is fixed so she can`t get down now. Jerry was down once, but she may have pushed him down. They both go to the vet next week for nail, beak,& wing grooming. I was to take them 6 months ago & couldn`t. Melissa has been this way since Rich died. She was his bird, though he hadn`t spent much time with her before he died. She may be going into a " I wanna breed now mode" too since they are both open & free together. I will consult with the vet.
Taking it day to day, I know my future, I know it is all good for God takes care of me.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

male cardinal ,hummingbird,Mia the collie

Savannah went home tonight.She & I got our names on the front page of our local newspaper about buying second hand clothing here local.There is a dress code,so we were mainly looking for shoes & boots & jeans to wear in the woods when she is here.Mia is enjoying her attention while Savannah brushes her.

I don`t know what this male cardinal is doing,he seems to see me in the house taking his picture.

I made another gallon of hummingbird food,they are loading up I suppose for take-off. The summer has passed so quickly,it just doesn`t seem like it is time for them to go.Never a good time for me anymore for the going part.
Mia & Savannah

she`ll be going back to school the 25th,2ond grade
I like to watch them till it`s too dark to see them