Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fox Sparrows

He & I are tired of the winter

Soooo, it has almost been a YEAR since I blogged. What would bring me back? Well,I have really missed my friends, & I really had to share a new pair of birds,ones I have never seen but maybe others have, fox sparrows. In ONE of the recent snowstorms we`ve had  a pair came to the feeder,I am hoping they`ve stayed awhile but haven`t really walked through the woods to see if any signs of them remain. 
size compared to the white throated sparrow


Debra said...

Hello Phylliso! I miss you! We do have those sparrows. I love the rusty color. I bet you're as anxious for spring as I am!

Phyllis Oller said...

yes,Debra,missed you,have to go & check out all your new creations...I have never seen this bird before,quite exciting! phyllis