Thursday, March 20, 2008

angora goats

As soon as our weather gets drier & a little warmer,we will be shearing our angora goats.We have 4,2 twin white brothers named Jimi & his brother Hendrix{they were already named when we got them}Ringo Starr,a badger color,& Eric Clapton,who we just call Blackie now as he is grayish black.

We have had them for 2 years now,almost 3,& they are the sweetest pets....if I feel down,all I have to do is go out & let them loose in the yard & watch their antics.They do a "happy dance" where they will flip around looking just like a fish being pulled from the water.

I drove many miles to get them from Phylleri Ball at Trout Run,PA.They were about 4 mos.old when we brought them home,my 71 year old mother & I, in the back of my Saturn,the back seat laid down & cardboard taped to keep them in the back seat area.Was that ever a mess when we got home! You should`ve seen the people looking at us coming down the interstate when Ringo decides to stand up & have a look around.I was driving in the slow lane in case something would happen,but they rode well.I could almost see what people were thinking..."honey,I think I just saw a dog with horns!"


Aleta said...

The goats are so cute, and they make nice fleece too!

phylliso said...

Thanks,Aleta,for your comment.I LOVE the pics of your wildlife on your blog,phylliso