Sunday, March 30, 2008

clearing brush

I`m behind in my posting already as we have begun cleaning out brush from our place.We have almost 6 acres which was all woods when we moved here.About 15 years ago there were some straight line winds that came through here in April,taking out half of our pines.Where before we didn`t have any grass,it was all woods,now we have some yard.I will have to post what that looked like some other time when I scan some of the old pics.

Our township comes through in the spring & fall to pick up leaves & brush.We live back a lane so we have to load it & take it to the main road,but it was worth the effort fpr us as we had alot,especially blackberry & raspberry bushes the birds have planted for us.Everything was a tangled up mess as we both dealt with health issues a couple of years & we were unable to do it.But,this is what it looks like now...and I will post what it will look like{almost without the weeds}later on.I plant alot of bee balm & I let it all winter,then cut it back in the spring & scatter the seeds so we have it everywhere.It helps to keep the deer away from the garden as they don`t like to bump against the smell of bee balm.

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