Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angora Goats

We finally got our 4 angora goats sheared this week.We are still new at shearing,we only have 4 & it took us 2 days to do them.We did 3 one afternoon,then let Ringo for the next day as he does not like to be touched or have anything done to him.We do their hooves as well,so they look pretty good now.Ringo does not look the same at all,we`ve not had him done this good,face & all,since we`ve had him.Here are before & after pics of him.It got cool in the evennings here so they have been spending time in their barn keeping warm.We shear them 2 times a year,in April then again in Sept.or Oct.I haven`t done anything with the mohair yet.It is really dirty this time.The fleece dyes up beautifully,even Blackie`s take on a special color when you dye it.

Last year when we sheared in April,Ringo became very ill.His head was tilted to the side & if he were a human,I`d say he had a stroke.The vet came & said he believed he had a menigital worm gotten from eating maybe a slug that had been eating deer droppings.It was touch & go for a week,but he got over it & is fine today.I hate to see them get sick,I worry so much & there is still alot we don`t know about livestock but are learning.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

You did a phenomenal job! Well done. We did a hack job our first go round and this Saturday we are having a shearer come so we can get a tutorial. I don't think we've been cutting the hooves enough so the hoof trimmer guy is coming on Friday to help me with it. My goats should look great by Sunday. Hopefully, we will learn how to do it right so we can do it ourselves from then on.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

We will have to keep in touch. We have so much in common except you are retired and I'm retarded....still working. I'm originally from Ohio...your neighbor....same age I think ...I forget but I was born in '54. We like the same authors too and of course we both love animals. I've met so many nice people through my blog. Thank you for visiting our little ranch. I bookmarked your blog and will be back to visit.

My son and his wife have at least 5 parrots and do parrot rescue. They are so funny. At one time they had one that sang opera. When the door to the bird room is closed it sounds like an insane asylum. All the laughing, singing...talking.