Monday, April 21, 2008

rainy day

Yesterday was a windy,rainy day here.The weather warning for some counties were for tornados.Luckily we got only the rain.I was busy blogging to my heart`s content,putting pics up on webshots,then writing here when we lost the internet.So,everything I wrote yesterday seems to be missing.The ISP returned my call at 9pm & said lightening had struck something causing the service to be out for the whole state of PA! We are with dsl,I know comcast cable internet wasn`t out as we got email from friends from PA today from yesterday.

Anyhow,Sat.I planted alot of flower seeds.It`s not warm enough to put the garden in yet.I have to get lettuce & onions which can go in.I`m not messing with peas this year.I pulled the bean towers out,the strings still connected so hubby could till & I got busy doing other things.Sat.then I took the goats out in the yard,tying Jimi & Hendrix & letting Ringo & Blackie browse.I somehow lost Blackies collar when we sheared so that was 1 reason I let those 2 buddies roam.Well,wouldn`t you know it,Ringo thought the string from the towers looked tasty & he proceded to unwind & eat a string.I ran after him,but couldn`t even grab the end of it.So now I`m watching for poop from him.He has always been the pain in my butt.Of course,I should kick my own butt too.

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