Monday, May 19, 2008


I finally got the garden planted last week & it has been rainning so much only God knows where the seeds have ended up.Today we are having some sun,though not much.
I have been exhausted from the work.I don`t like my husband in the garden other than to till it up & I also always do the mowing on the riding mower myself.I have sections with wild grasses & things planted to attract certain butterflies & if I mow over them myself it`s my own fault.So,there was no pity from him on how I`m feeling.
Yesterday I decided to have him hook up our new printer which has been in a box unopenned since Jan.I hate getting used to new things.It took us all day to get it on here after we uninstalled the other one.He wasn`t feeling well,& neither was I but we plugged away at it till I finally had to take a nerve pill & say I`m done!!He did get it on,but things aren`t right yet.I can`t import my photos I took yesterday from the program I use for my blog.I`ll have to figure it out when I`m in a better frame of mind.
The sparrow here is going into a gourd that has growed into the garden fence. I made holes in it on both sides so it can house 2 families.

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