Saturday, June 14, 2008


Blackie is looking up suspisously at the umbrella above his head.They knocked it down once,then Rich secured it better & they have left it alone.
The heat is sweltering again.Yesterday was a tiring day for me.Blackie is the smallest of our goats.He is Ringo`s buddy,though.Ringo will stick up for him & eat with him.I had the goats all tied out,& when it was time to go in for grain,I let Blackie loose first so he could eat some before the others got there.When I let the others loose then,they ran in the barn & Blackie decides he wants to roam a little more.Well,I couldn`t catch him to save my soul.I let him browse more,then my dh & I tried to coax him back in,which he did go then.I miss my collie,Max.He would`ve rounded him up right away.Even tho he was a house dog,he had that herding instinct in bred.
I took of pic of the shelties looking from out the porch window.Bandit is another one who has been running off,he ran off twice in 2 days we had to catch him.I will have to work with him more.Max trained Maggie,he would bring her back when she ran off,being very stern with her in the way he barked.She in turn barks at Bandit now & runs after him,but she is much smaller & less intimadating than he was.It has been too hot to do a whole lot outside.

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Blackie looks so innocent :-)