Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doll & things

Becky said I should post more of my creative arts.I haven`t had the time to do much lately as gardening & chasing butterflies & birds thru the yard are my main passions right now.The heat is limiting the amt.of time I can spend outside.This heat is to break today with some storms on the way.Here is a doll I made last year using an Annie Belcher`s pattern,but doing it my way using Jimi`s fleece for her hair.I needlefelted it to her muslin head so it is secure.I`m itching to do another,tho I like the primitive look better,the grungier,the better for me.I am going to look for the black dolls I made & post them too.I`m hankering to make another.
Meanwhile,here is a pic of the tree that must be at least 80 years old according to our neighbor who is 82 himself & his grandparents lived in our cabin & planted these trees,many of which are still standing.It is a trumpet vine growing with the tree clear to the sky that is growing fast with the tree all of these years.

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