Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Twins in a Tight Spot

So,when we got home from the open house,I went down to check on the boys.Jimi & Hendrix were stuck in the part of the inside of the barn where this gate is & the door.The door was ajar a little & Jimi whinnyed at me as I got closer.I don`t know how it happenned that they were out ,the others in.The garbage cans were upturned,thankfully they didn`t eat all the grain in the can,guess that was because they couldn`t move.The animal cracker bag{their treats this week}was over the side of the gate on the inside,empty,some of the crackers were in the garbage can with the grain.That`s where the whole bag of them were,in the can with the grain.I had a call from the neighbor on my answering machine,but no message,just alot of heavy breathing.He also tried to phone my neighbor letting no message.I didn`t call him as I did not trust myself not to blow up at him.I think he may have brought his great grandchild down & things got outa hand & the twins got out so they barracaded them like that.Something like that happenned as they weren`t running loose in the yard as my roses & bushes are still intact.I could be jumping the gun thinking those evil thoughts but tomorrow I`ll be getting a chain to padlock that inside gate.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

They sure know how to get in trouble....the goats and the neighbors. Goats are kid magnets I've learned. My friend told me his grandson wants to come to Colorado just to see the goats again!

phylliso said...

We have been really lucky so far.I love for people to come to see them.They don`t realize tho how pushy they can be tho.phylliso