Sunday, July 27, 2008

Carlisle Bike Show

We went to the bike show on Fri.I was entertained the whole way down there by a wasp,he was on the mirror on my side,clinging from our house till we got there,about 40 miles maybe or more.What strong legs he had!
There were kids doing stunts.We had to walk away as I was sounded liking the kids mother`s,an exclamation flew outa my mouth every time they did a stunt,I couldn`t help it.So after many,oh,my`s,Rich drug me away.
The bikes were awesome.I would just like to SEE someone driving them down the road.One bike was called fear factor.It had a snake for a mirror,a spider & rat on the tank & a can of worms where I guess the oil is to be.
Someone also had a large display of things they had made from recycled things like spark plugs.It was amazing,but so were the prices.I know it did take the person a long time to put the objects together,so the prices were most likely worth the time.

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