Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Marchs On

Summer marches on here in Pa.The locusts were sounding this am when I took the dogs out.It promises to be another hot one.We`ve been getting alot of rain here,& with the heat the garden is thriving well.I planted gold zucchinni squash this year & found one was eaten a little by our resident rabbits so I decided to see if the goats would finish it off.They loved it.I shall get a pic of them eating some.Of course you have to hold it for them,once it hits the ground,they won`t eat it.
My week was lazy.I went to the hour & half dental fix my broken teeth.I was amazed at the differance in the experiance of it.When I was little we didn`t have novacane,mainly because the dentist didn`t know how to admister it,or didn`t have the liscence to do it.Wed.when I had my teeth worked on,I sat in a chair with a massager that massaged my back ,I had my own personal TV so I could watch the Days Of Our Lives soap,& got a numbing gel applied to my gums before being injected with the dreaded long needle.So,all in all,I was happy I had my teeth done.
This week I`ve been reading & reading my spinning books trying to decide on a wheel.My birthday is at the end of the month & hubby is pushing me to decide on one.I will have to go back to The Mannings to try them before I make any decisions.The antique wheel he bought may work after adjustments,but when you don`t know to begin with how it should work,then you`re kinda lost.
Leaving you with some pics.If you look closely in the bee balm you can see a hummingbird.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

When is your birthday? Chari's birthday is the 30th.

When I was little the dentist chair looked like the execution chair in a prison and the experience wasn't much better. I even remember the dentist slapping me in the face.

phylliso said...

the 29th.phylliso