Monday, August 4, 2008

Poison ivy

Bandit,the sheltie puppy,backed out of his collar last week & took off through the woods after something.I`m always outside with them,but I have to tie him.Over the weekend he was scratching & I noticed he looked as if he went through the briars or poison ivy,he was scratching & chewing.I put frontline on him as it works really well for bugs,but when I looked him over,I saw briars stuck in him like a person would get picking blackberries,the real tiny thorn ends,not whole limbs of course.I picked them out of his skin, but he continued to scratch so I put the streoid ointment on him the vet gave me when his mouth was scratched by the roaming cat around here.Now one of his eyes is red around it.It is too late now to call the vet,so I applied carefully the oinment around his eye & will see how he makes out with it overnight.The red around his eye just happenned.By luck I saw the groomer,my friend Jenn,at walmart today & she told me dogs can get poison ivy.I remember him walking through poison here,you pretty much can hardly get away from it living here in the woods even though we pull it up when we can get to it.


Aleta said...

Is he okay now?
Our neighbor gets poison ivy from her dog running through it, but the dog never seems to suffer with it.

phylliso said...

yes,after it got into his eye some,I kept applying Benadryl,it comes in a stick now,so easy to use,& bathing the places he seems to be recovering.phylliso