Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking a walk

On our morning walk this am the dogs & I spotted something bounding through the forest.I thought,oh,no,it`s the bear,but at the same time my mind was trying to put together the fact that the bear seen was black & this was brown,so I started whistling & a neighbors chocolate lab came bounding to me.I knew he had been missing,the people were here looking for him,but that was days ago.So I got him to follow us to the house & fed him treats while I called his family to come get him.He reminded me of how much I miss a big dog.I love my shelties,but I also love the bigger dogs,for one thing they don`t seem to bark so much.
When his owner came he said he was aware of the bear too,after I told him my story,he thinks that is why Hershey-what a cute name for a chocolate lab-got out of his collar to begin with,in the middle of the night he was barking like crazy may have went after this bear.
Some pics of strolling through the woods....

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