Friday, September 26, 2008

Great crested flycatcher

These are poor pics of the fly catcher bird,but I didn`t have my zoom lens on while I was in the yard taking pics of the goats,the bird was surprised to see me as I was of him.All summer my parrot,Zeba,has been mocking this bird`s call,a weep,weep sound.I thought they were here & left,but I was excited to see one of the birds is still here.Perhaps they don`t migrate,I don`t know.I have adobe photoshop but I don`t know how to crop,enlarge & save,I saved an enlarged copy of the bird,but don`t know where it could be saved!It should be on the computer here somewhere!As always you can click on the pic to enlarge on blogspot.
Zeba is seen here enjoying corn on the cob.
I have to place an edit in here because I may be mistaken & this bird may be a warbler,I don`t know for sure.As I look at the shape of its head,it is a little different.

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