Friday, October 10, 2008

Spiders & Toads,oh,my!

This time of year there seems to be so many spiders everywhere.I don`t know the name of this one,but he has quite a masterpiece made.He is getting more spinning time in than me.
We have a small toad hanging out at the garage.He is seen here inside a concrete block.I hope the stray cat hanging around doesn`t get him.


Aleta said...

What a beautiful spider! I've been fascinated with them lately. If I have identified it correctly by my book, it is a Black-and-yellow Argiope. My book says the female fills a spherical egg sac, up to 1" wide, with tough brown papery cover, then she attaches it to one side of the web close to resting position, then dies. The eggs hatch in autumn, the young overwinter in the sac, then disperse in the spring. The male builds a web in outlying part of the female's web, making a white zigzag band vertically across the middle. This spider prefers sunny sites with little or no wind. It drops to the ground and hides if disturbed.

phylliso said...

I KNEW you`d know what it is....phylliso