Friday, November 21, 2008

deer family

I wanted to post the deer pics quickly as yesterday I took too long & blogger wiped out everything I said about Debra`s gifts & I had to start over later.Too many people on yesterday I guess.
The dogs alerted me to the deer family this am.The buck was missing.He is in rut now & probably frolicking with the ladies.
They don`t like cats.A cat was strolling down the lane & they stomped at it.I have been in the woods already with the dogs when they have stomped at me & it is very scarey.The cat kept coming,so they chose to leave,taking their route through the woods & around the goats pen & up the gas line to greener pastures.
It is snowing like crazy here.I`m so thankful it is Fri.We get Savannah early today,she will be here soon.My house is suffering,I don`t have a place to sit at the table anymore & am too tired to red-up.The grandchildren are too important to worry about it,there is always tomorrow to do the housework.


FIONA said...

So beautify. The dusting of snow, the fallen leaves.....

I love living where we have four seasons.

Thanks for sharing this.

Carolyn H said...

I'm seeing lots of deer around my cabin right now. I really have to be careful when I'm driving. They are everywhere!

Carolyn h.

Debra said...

Beautiful pictures, Phyllis. We are seeing more of them only because of deer season. I see lots of tracks when I walk our dog.
I googled your location-we are only about 250 miles apart. Someday we've got to get together.
Birds found my new feeders this week. The gold finches are not sure about their feeder yet, and still eat sunflower seeds, when they could be having thistle seeds. No woodies yet, or cardinals.
I'm making a needle felted chickadee-but got stopped because I'm waiting for my wool to arrive, so I can dye it. I got a whole POUND of wool to needle felt! I was thinking of buying a fleece, washing it, carding it with dog brushes...well. Guess I talked myself out of that one!
Take care. Love, Debra

phylliso said...

I love the changing of the seasons too,even though I hate to admit it.When I get down with the silence of winter,I just play Marina Raye`s Liquid Silk & I`m happy again.
Thank-you Carolyn for visiting,I so love your way of writing,it`s things I think,but you express it so well.
That is not far at all Debra.I am not a good traveller,I hate to go away.I did get to Tenn. one time to visit my childhood friend,Aleta,but was carsick alot even though I loved being there,I love wildlife & living among the wildlife..She REALLY lives out-of-the-way in the boonies.If only I could click my heels together & be wisked off in a blink of an eye...then wisked back.
I`m lucky to always have lots of cardinals.The sparrows & finches have really been emptying my feeders lately.I haven`t seen any red bellies yet.
The whole process of getting the fleece ready IS daunting,but I throughly love the spinning of it & figuring out things to do with it.phylliso

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Let the cleaning go...there's always tomorrow...but the time you get to spend with your grandchildren should be savored.

Vintage Whimsy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Yeah, the thrift stores here have plenty of clothing but not much in the way of vintage, which I usually look for. I'd love to shop for clothing too but unfortunately the thrift stores here don't have any fitting rooms (?!?!) and it's impossible for me to buy any clothing without trying it on. I have seen people trying to climb into the racks of clothing to try on clothes but I can't see myself doing that. lol

So, I saw pictures of goats on your blog. Do you have goats too? I think they are so adorable! I'm totally trying to convince my husband we need to move out to the country where we can have land and I can get a donkey or two and some sheep. And maybe some of those cute little curly haired goats!


phylliso said...

Hi Lori,yes,we have 4 of the little buggers.They are wethered,so no babies,we have 4 boys.They are fun to have as pets & clear the brush for us.
I bought several box lots of vintage linens from a lady on ebay,I am using them as clothes for my dollies.I have them hanging on small ladders in my kitchen too.I just like having them around.phylliso

Aleta said...

I never get tired of watching deer! We have a four-point buck that comes around. Of course, as you know, we feed the deer but there is no hunting permitted anywhere on our property or on adjacent lands. The deer used to be afraid of my Angel Kitty but they got used to her. Now they stomp at a stray cat that is coming around.