Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Debra`s Fleece

I went out to the shed to get some fleece as Debra of Sparrowgrass asked if she could have some.Well,I couldn`t send it dirty,so I hand washed a bunch last week when it was so warm out.I ended up using the greenhouse to spread it out,it dried some there,then I brought a mesh bag of it in the house & hung it by the wood stove.I`m happy to say it is finally on its way to Debra`s house.
Ringo found the greenhouse very interesting & came inside at one point grabbing a bite of petunia before I yelled at him.Silly goat.
The highlight of Hunter`s day is being with the goats.He barks non-stop at them.I had them all out with us & he slipped his collar & went after Jimi.Jimi bent down & butted him gently & as I was scurrying to get him,Jimi backed up & raised his leg to kick him as Hunter had latched on to his front quarter,but he cocked his head & looked down at Hunter & let him go with just a look.Believe it or not,I think Jimi realized how small Hunter is & was kinda laughing to himself.Now I put another collar,halter on Hunter when we go down to take care of the goats.I am always amazed when the herding instinct kicks in on these dogs,my Max,my collie,would whine he was so excited & had fun balling them up in a group.
I took a pic of the outside of the barn.When we first put it up last year I told my dh I didn`t think metal would work with goats.He paid me no mind,going forward with the project.I said nothing else,just happy to finally get some good shelter for them.So,it wasn`t a week after they were in it,the butting began,inside.I kept telling my dh to come & look,so he finally did,several days after.He said,oh my Lord!Well,those weren`t his EXACT words.We reinforced it inside with boards all the way around then.
I took some cuttings of our tomato plants & I`m trying to root them with this rooting hormone.They looks as if they are taking off.
I finished part of the stitchery I was working on.
When Bandit & Maggie play rough housing each other,Hunter stands looking on not knowing what to make of them.

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