Thursday, November 20, 2008

Debra`s Gifts

The postman brought me a box yesterday.When I openned it,I can`t express how touched I was at the thought put into these handmade gifts for me ,from Debra of Sparrowgrass.I reconized my robin with its wierd feather,she captured it so perfectedly with her beautiful hands.The owl was stuffed & had real feathers on its ears.The handmade note with the antique heron pictures....I feel ever so blessed for my friend.At times I feel like wiping out my blog,but how could I when I happen upon such kind people as I`ve met on here.I praise God today for Debra`s gifts.


Aleta said...

Nice! What a unique owl - are they CD's for the eyes? How cute!

phylliso said...

No,they are washers I believe,the center cut out by hand in a star shape,then hand stitched on with white thread.It is so realistic looking,she did a good job.It looks exactly like my barred owl.phylliso

Debra said...

I'm so glad you liked every thing. That's just how I felt with your mohair, card, sweetannie, and my sweet doll you made!
Please don't stop blogging!
Love, Debra