Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knitted Wrist Warmers

I bought a pattern the other week when my friend,Aleta,& I went to the Mannings.I have read & reread the pattern as she has admitted to also & Last night I attempted to start it.You start by putting on the beads.I strung 312 beads while watching America`s Most Wanted,yes,it took me about an hour.I didn`t count them-the beads-as I was stringing,but did what the pattern said,measure an inch of beads,count the beads,then keep stringing & measure & multiply to get the amt.I bought the beads online at have alot of colors to choose from,this color & my yarn didn`t show up very well.They have free shipping & paypal too.
I found a couple of sites that have free wrist warmer patterns on, &
Hunter & Maggie on the bed as I strung the beads,Hunter sticks his tongue out when he is very sleepy.
I don`t know why when I try to insert a link it doesn`t come up,but those are the addresses for the free patterns.


Aleta said...

Did you get the wrist warmers done? I haven't even begun to start mine. I need to find the right sized needles which will have to wait until Tuesday now since we aren't going to town tomorrow ("town" being 45 miles from us, as you know). I'm anxious to get them started but kind of nervous about it too! I'll probably have to call you when I get stuck!! :)

phylliso said...

I have the beads strung & the first row made.I think I have figured it out.My hands are sore though so I eased up.phylliso