Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeder watching,cookie baking,new friend

I made a new friend,Lora,over at webshots,you can find her prim store at haven`t uploaded photos over there since summer,I need to have more time!!!
I`ve been so busy caring for the children,had them more this past week ,so am still transitioning from fall to Christmas decor.I`ve been baking cookies too,they are gone as I make them.I may have to hide some somewhere.
Savannah turned 2 yesterday.I`m starting to potty train her.One day last week she had to have paper & a pen as she sat on her Dora potty,I wonder where she got THAT from? He,he!
I completed a fall stitchery but will probably put it away now till next year.I colored it in with fabric crayons.
It is snowing gently outside,the birds are feeding alot.We have a house finch who is looking ill,kinda puffed up.

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