Monday, December 8, 2008

Visiting Jen

Yesterday before I got sick,we made a trip to pick up my photos I entered in a contest,I didn`t win anything,but we were truely amazed at how nice the Charles Brightbill Environmenal center is where the contest was held.I will take the kids when they are open again.The volunteers help schools with teaching about caring for wildlife,ect.While we were there a class of kids were dipping pine cones in melted peanut butter for the critters.Everyone was having fun.
On the way home,we ventured out to find where my friend,Jen,& her husband lives.She recently moved.I miss her as she has vet training & helped us out alot with the goats.She is also like a daughter to me,I always feel like "mothering"her when I`m with her.She is part of a sheltie/collie rescue group.She has 6 dogs now.The big boy,Jed,only has one eye & is a sweetheart.He is 10 years old & people dropped him off to her because he drank too much water,can you believe that for an excuse? He is a darling.The black & white or tri colored sheltie is Boo,my Maggie`s daddy.He has won ribbons as he is perfect as a show dog.She got the blue merle sheltie to breed,she is looking for a match to breed her with.Boo is most likely too old to breed now.
On the way home we were treated with some beautiful skies.They looked like a song called "fire in the sky".


Aleta said...

What gorgeous dogs! And what a beautiful sunset! Sounds like a fun day!

phylliso said...

Yes,I don`t get out of the house much,& it`s not like she`s that far away,but I had never been to see Jen since she moved & was scared to go on my own.
She would come over & let the dogs out when we had to go to Pittsburgh,& we did the same for her a few times.I miss being neighbors with her.She doesn`t blog.phylliso

FIONA said...

Beautiful dogs and amazing sunsets.

My Dh wants our next sheltie to be a blue.

It's hard to loose good neighbors. Our next door neighbor is the best. We told him that if he ever sells his house, we get to approve the new owners! We dog and cat sit for each other and our dogs are playmates.

Tammy said...

Sheesh...I'm fighting tears here. How can people do such things to their old dogs? You can tell by the picture that Jed is a big old sweetheart, and being sooo good. I'm really glad your friend has him, and it works out for him. Dang people anyway. Blue merles will always have a special place in my heart. I love 'em...but I also love collies in all colors! ;-0 Thanks for the 'eye candy' picture of all the lovely dogs.

phylliso said...

I don`t know,Tammy,how a person could own a dog for 10 years,then 1 day say to themselves,I don`t want him anymore.Jen said they never looked back as they drove away.But,on a lighter note,he loves his new family & they love him & wouldn`t give him up for the world.I wanted to adopt a blue merle collie so badly from Virg.last year as he was mistreated the same way my collie Max was.I had just lost my Max when friend Jen pointed me in that direction.But it wasn`t to be as the woman wouldn`t let him be adopted out of state,or so she said.So,am waiting for the day to come when another collie finds their way to me.I love the breed so much.
Fiona,I used to think blue merles were ugly,but since I`ve been around them they are beautiful.Their coats are so soft,they are as soft as they look.phylliso