Friday, January 2, 2009

Downed Pine

We saw the strong trees struggle & their plumes go down,the poplar bend & whip back till it split to fall,the elm tear up at the root & topple like a crown,the pine crack at the base,we had to watch them all.The ash,the lovely cedar,we had to watch them fall.They went so softly under the loud flairs of air,before that fury they went down like feathers,with all the hundred springs that flowered in their hair,& all the years,endured in all weathers-to fall as if they were nothing,as if they were feathers. Mary Sarton
We lost a pine on Tues.We watched it slowly bend till it could stand no more in the blustry wind we had,then it crashed ,right before dark.I`m always afraid these trees will fall on us without warning as sometimes it is not even windy,& they fall.Would we have a chance to scatter before that happenned,or would we stand there,frozen,if we were close to the tree? That has happenned once to me as I was on the ladder filling the bird feeder,& I froze,knowing what the huge sound was,not knowing where it was coming from though.I just said a prayer & was spared that day.
We did not lose power New Years Eve,but our neighbors did when it fell.We couldn`t believe it when the electric co.came minutes after we phoned it in,usually it takes them a long time to find us.They wanted to know how long it`s been since their paid company came around to trim trees in our forest.It is usually every 5 years.I must say when they do come,they are mindful of any nests that are in trees,for that I`m always thankful.

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Aleta said...

That's a wonderful Sarton poem!
Those pines are the most dangerous because they have shallow roots and when the soil becomes saturated, they can't hold on and you never know when they'll fall. I know what you mean about hearing one falling and not knowing where it is or whether or not it is going to hit you. We have that happen here all of the time too. I'm so glad you, your neighbors, or your animals weren't in the road when that pine came down!