Friday, January 30, 2009

Silence of winter broken

We are having alot of pine siskens this year coming to the feeder.I love to hear them twittering about.I think that is what I most dislike in the winter is the silence.No welcoming birds chirping.The occasionial song is heard now of the wren,the titmice are saying tee-hee-again once in a awhile ,so I am looking forward to longer daylight & more cheerful songs.
To head off the onset of empty feeders all the time,the kids & I gathered up pine cones & brought them inside to decorate for the birds.What a mess we had! I melted peanut butter-aren`t we all afraid of eating peanut butter now?-painted the pine cones with it,then rolled in thistle seed.We tied them on branches that took them a couple of days to find,but now they are enjoying the special treats.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Beautiful pictures Phyllis!

Aleta said...

Its nice to get kids involved in activities that help them to appreciate nature, rather than letting them sit in front of a video game all day! Video games are okay but they should be equally balanced with activities that help them to explore their creativity. Great job!

phylliso said...

Thanks girls!Boy what a mess tho.I had been working in the attic for a space to create,found all of this mouse dirt,so it really creeped me out when the thistle seed started going everywhere in the kitchen! After cleaning up the other mess upstairs I invested in those electronic plug in things,expensive,but it`s working,phylliso