Sunday, February 15, 2009


I was outside Sat.feeding the goats when I heard a familar chrip,chrip,chrip,looked up,then I ran to the woods to see my robin had arrived! We had snow last night{the robin snow?} & i didn`t see him today.I tried to get a pic on Sat.,but he was taunting me,just out of my sight.This pic was taken last year on the 27th of Feb.,so it is perhaps a little sooner that they arrived this year.We had some powerful winds this week that they may have used to help them fly along.

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Aleta said...

For the past two days, the robins and cedar waxwings have been around en masse again. When you step out onto the front porch, it sounds like the movie, The Birds, with their chirping. I tried to get some pictures but they were too far away and they don't like to sit still long, bouncing from branch to branch in the cedar trees.
I'm so glad your robin came back!