Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays

I am going to TRY to use a link again...I want to participate in teaser tuesdays as described on this blog...
The Book Lady`s Blog

you are to let your book fall open to a page & write down a line or so,but don`t give away anything to spoil the ending,you should list the book & author.
The scraping stilled once again and Bailey heard footsteps in the hall.He was coming.God help her,she prayed he was coming for the other guy,the scraper.Not me.Please not me.But God didn`t listen and the door to her cell swung open.
This is from Karen Roses`s book,Scream For Me.

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phylliso said...

yipeeeeeee! I actually got a link to work!!!!!!phylliso