Thursday, March 12, 2009


I bought some cheap already made bunnies from China at a yard sale last spring,I believe they were 25 cents.I painted & grunged them up,rolling them in cinnamon,& here is one finished bunny,Penelope.I am going to add a pair of bloomers to her yet & maybe a carrot with sweet annie,& a vintage apron for you,so if you would like to have her,leave a comment between now & March 18th to win her.She hangs or sits.March 18th will be a year I have been on here blogging.My biggest fear is getting no comments as no one will want her!


Baggaraggs: said...

WELL, I would like to enter your drawing! LOL I have used those little bunnie bodies before and they come out quite sweet. Hope you are feeling ok Phyllis. I have an ultrasound of my abdomen tomrrow morning. My gallbladder might be going south...hope not. Hugs, Robin

Aleta said...

Well, she is just adorable and I know you are going to get a lot of comments for her, but I would love to be considered!

Debra said...

I want her too!! I'll put a link up on my blog. Wish I had seen her sooner!!!

Take care of that back!!!

I wanted to tell you-I saw a pretty sight last week-3 red-tailed hawks soaring in tight circles over my head. That day we saw 5 other hawks.

So glad you're creating. I wish you'd keep at it!
So, I hope it's okay I took bunnie's picture, and put it on my blog sidebar?
Love, Debra