Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Robin with the Wierd Feather

My robin made his presence known today without having me chase him through the yard.He & his mate have been spending time at the neighbors down the road.He chriped at me in Feb.when I was walking the dogs down the road to show me he was enjoying their holly bushes berries.My holly bush is different,it has small berries.Their small bushes have HUGE berries.Maybe I should prune mine more heavily,but I really believe it is just a different kind of holly bush.
I also was surprised to see a mocking bird.I hurriedly rushed down to fill the water dish after I got these pics of him.
When I was pruning bushes yesterday{the WRONG thing to do when you have 2 compression fractures in your back} I found this huge cup shaped nest.Now I will have to get my book out to see what could have made it.It was tight in the juniper bush.


FIONA said...

Ow, take care of that back!

I envy you your robin. We got a little more snow this morning, so we are still waiting for our robins.

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey there. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? No pruning with a bad back girlie! Do you have a brace? I think that would help you alot. Please be careful with yourself. As always I love your pictures. Hugs, Robin

Debra said...

I love your robin, and I feel like I know him too!
Please don't overdo it-your back is very necessary!
Love, Debra