Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayers for Jeff

I was going to take where is Jeff off my sidebar.He is our pastor`s son who has been with Samaritan`s Purse for 3 years helping the Christans of Sudan rebuild their churches.Our pastor told us he & his friend had decided to come home after serving for 3 years.On their way home,they stopped over in Bangkok,Thailand to do some sightseeing & Jeffery & his friend were mugged,Jeffery pretty badly.When we went to church Wed.night,Pastor Earl & Kim weren`t there,they were at a hospital back here in the states with Jeff who was undergoing surgery for his broken jaw.I put him on the prayer list to pray for.I`m not sure the extent of his injuries,just that for sure his jaw is broken.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

It always makes me wonder why bad things happen to good people. An USAFA cadet was on a similar humanitarian mission. He met up with his brother in Egypt when a suicide bomber attacked. His brother died. He was stricken with massive injuries. He overcame and returned to the Academy and even wrote a book on his experiences. So very sad.

phylliso said...

Jeffery`s friend got a concussion.I learned that they were hit with a rock & Jeffery was also hit with a bamboo club which somehow God gave him the strength to take away from their mugger & he chased him away with it.He is home now with his jaw wired shut & on a liquid diet.Thank God they were able to come home quickly so he could get the surgery he needed.phylliso

Debra said...

Phyllis, I will pray.

I entered your give away, and put a link on my blog side bar.
Love, Debra