Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spinning Sat.

When I bought a new belt & brake band for the Louet 10,I put them on a few months ago & haven`t spun on it since.One thing was I forgot how to tighten & loosen the tension,can you believe that?! I couldn`t get it to spin right. My dh clued me in on how after I asked for a screwdriver.He said ,you don`t need a screwdriver...& proceded to turn the knob shown here.I`m making a note of it as who knows when my mind will have lost it again.I`m still so grateful for Becky`s & Kate`s help when I had questions about spinning.
When I go to the fiber festivals & watch the people spin,I always looked at their faces too,so carefree,chatting while sitting back in their chairs seemingly unmindful of what they were doing,it all looked so perfect.When I sit down,however,I`m bent forward,clutching the fiber with a death grip like it is going to crumble or disappear & get lost somewhere.So today,armed with Hershey kisses & coffee,I settled back to get comfortable with spinning.I think it looks pretty good.I LOVE the colors.I bought this fiber from Phylleri Ball some time ago.I can`t wait to spin these colors Becky sent me,natural colors are ME.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

You did a beautiful job! Well done girlfriend. Lessen the death grip....maybe the fiber needs to be carded a bit more so it glides easily through your fingers. Give that a try. Gorgeous work! You should be proud of how far you have come.

Aleta said...

I love the natural fiber colors too! I'm glad you got your spinner working. I had to laugh about your DH helping you; mine helps me all of the time with things like that. He even showed me how to sew the blouse sleeves for a doll I was working on and just couldn't figure it out. Thank goodness for the guys!! That's called "teamwork"!

phylliso said...

Thank-you.I started getting too kinky with it,holding it too tightly,so I stopped.Almost have a whole bobbin full.Now if only I can ply it later...which I AM going to do.Can`t learn if you don`t try,right?phylliso