Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot Blast

We have had a hot flash these past couple of days.I ordered the goat stand from Premier & am looking forward to it coming this week.They need done quickly.My dh & I put up this easy-up cover for the goats.I wonder how long it will take them to destroy it.So far they have left it alone.I don`t know how they came up with the name "easy up",it is anything but easy.
I took a walk in the woods alone snapping pics of everything greening up.I imagine my collie Max at my side as I walk,sometimes I can feel him with me,other times It`s all I can do not to cry.


Aleta said...

Your tulips are lovely! Don't your deer eat them? Ours do. I wish I could grow them, but I'm not growing them for deer food! Ha!
It has been hot here too. Yesterday was unbearable when we went a little south of here.
It looks like you should be barbecuing under that tent! :)
Funny how they make everything sound so easy and when you get into it you find out that they were wrong.
I know Max will always be with you even though in form, with your eyes, you don't see him.

Aleta said...

Oops, I almost forgot: Go to my blog. I left something there for you on a post today!

Baggaraggs: said...

There are no tulips in the land of Baggaraggs. I am jealous,I can chill them in the frigde and then plant them in a pot...not quite the same thing. Hugs to you Phyllis. Robin

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Everything's easy until you have to assemble it! I bet they will just love it. Wonder if it is "easy down" too????

Debra said...

Your photos are great as always!
I love the goat pictures. I know what you mean about missing a dog. I've never loved a dog as much as my Simon-but each animal has a special personality that makes them wonderful and lovable..
Love to you, and have a wonderful Mother's day!