Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

When I was a little girl going to church,I was taught not to look at any other bibles or commentaries as they were written by men & their thoughts & ideas. Our "real" bible,is the Kings James Version.
As I grew in my faith & went to study groups,we dove into books & commentaries to find answers to our everyday problems.
I`m happy to say I just bought the new life application niv study bible that our pastor uses alot now.I love it.It shows you how to apply God`s word to your everyday life.It has the bible written,then it written in our language we use every day,then themes on how to use it.
So,I was watching a Joel Osteen show the other week,& he spoke on the subject of when bad things happen to good people.He uses scripture Romans 8:28,And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him,who have been called to His purpose.This bible says God works in" all things"-not just isolated incidents-for our good.This does not mean that all things that happens to us is good.Evil is prevalant in our fallen world,but God is able to turn every circumstance around for our long range good.Note that God is not working to make us happy,but to fulfill His purpose.Note also that this promise is not for everybody,it can be claimed only by those who love God & are called according to His purpose.
Joel used an example of a woman who was at the airport crying as her father had passed away & she was going home for the funeral.{I may not get this right word for word..} The actor,Kevin Costner came over to her & began consoling her.They spoke for awhile & when he found out where she was from,he told her he was shooting a film in that city & to stop by on the set,he`d show her around.Time passed & as she was traveling to work one day,traffic was stopped & as she got closer,she realized it was a detour around the film being shot with Kevin Costner.The next day she decided to go over to the set & Kevin welcomed her in & sat her beside an engineer with the set.They hit it off right away,& now she is married to this guy.God had taken a sad moment in her life-why had her loving father passed away?-& took it like a piece of puzzle in her life,she was meant to be there at the airport & all the things that followed because of her father`s passing had turned around for the good of her life.I`m not sure I explained it right,but life is a puzzle.Some terrible,evil things can happen to us,but God has the power to use it as a tool to bring us closer to Him.
I use this blog mainly as documenting the wildlife coming & going ,but God has wanted me to put this down for awhile now,& I finally had the words come together.


Debra said...

Well said---we see things from one view point.
If He sees even a sparrow,we are certainly in His sight as well.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

That`s what I think all the time,phylliso