Saturday, May 23, 2009

Auction Finds

We went to an auction Thursday,the dh wanted a couple of things.I really don`t like to go,but I went.Of course there are always bargins.I don`t like the feel of people`s lives being exposed to everyone.Things that were treasures to them,all placed out for people to decide what they are really worth in value.
We knew the man.He had a cane with emblems placed all on it of places he had traveled to,I don`t know why I didn`t bid on it,but my mind was screaming out,please let one of his children or grandchildren bid on it.It went for $8,can you believe that?Trophies & placques of his accomplishments,no one bid on them.I did come home with a placque that was tucked in a box lot.I will hang it up somewhere in rememberance of the man with a quick smile & welcoming word to us when we would see him out fishing.
These are some things I came home with.I had to have these chairs,I don`t know why.They are solid & well made,I liked to look at them.I also got odd ball things,all of these crates,8 of them for $1,these old enamelware pans-without the flowers in-a spinning wheel planter,of all things!,donkey & cart-I think I will try to make the donkey into a goat by repainting it & doing something with his ears & tail,a box full of vivitar camera lens,just a bunch of stuff we didn`t need we brought home.


Kate said...

Great finds!

Aleta said...

Those are some neat things! That's one reason I don't go to auctions -- I would come home with lots of stuff that we don't have room for. But I love your finds!