Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day here.I got some yard work done.Between breaks I took some pictures of things going on in the yard.
I saw the female hummingbird taking bits of this soft stuff coming off the pussywillow bush to start building her nest.I had thought about pruning all of that off for the goats to eat,but now I`m glad I didn`t.From where I sit at my new spot outside close to the bird feeder I can get really close shots of the birds coming in to the feeder.All of the birds were singing today.The brown thrashers are busy singing & making a nest somewhere too.The catbirds go on & on,& the wrens can`t make their mind up where they want to nest.I saw them taking twigs in several different boxes today.They probably won`t build in any of them.I believe they like to make up fake nests to deter where they will finally settle in.
The rabbit, I swear, is stalking me.I haven`t put the garden in yet & he keeps watching me.
At the end of the day,the dogs are tired.The sure sign Hunter is sleepy is how his tongue starts to stick out.


Aleta said...

What awesome pictures of the birds! Is that bunny real? He is so cute! I'm glad your hummers are back. Great post; thanks for sharing!

phylliso said...

Yes,he`s real & he`s huge.We have more than 1 big 1,plus I saw babies running around.phylliso