Monday, May 11, 2009


Views at my feeder today,the grosbeak & indigo bunting & catbird.


Debra said...

Hey there! So glad you got your grossbeak! Mine are getting quite tame, and appreciate it when I shoo the squirrels away from the feeder. I have to bring all my suet and feeders inside every night because of the raccoons. We don't know how to discourage them any other way...
I've got a tree swallow pair nesting in a new house we put out. They are beautiful birds.
So good to see your neck of the woods again!

Love, Debra
PS Miss Rabbit and Elizabeth send their best regards. They are in my bedroom. I really love them!!

phylliso said...

I usually have just 1 pair,but I only saw the one & I think she moved on already,didn`t see her yesterday.Up the road about a quarter of a mile,they have flocks that stop.I don`t understand why we don`t get more.
I haven`t had trouble with raccoons ,& luckily we haven`t had a bunch of starlings raiding the feeder.I wish we had tree swallows,again,down the road is some,but not here.phylliso