Friday, June 19, 2009

Well,I finally got the deck stained,well,most of it.I am not doing the new boards this year,but our front deck was awful looking.The stain I liked was a cedar tone.We had a darker brown on it,but it was well worn off,I only stained it once since we put the deck on about 10 years ago.I painted the cedar over it & it doesn`t cover the brown,but adds a nice touch,I think.It kinda looks primitive,the way I like.All of this rain we have been having,I just can`t seem to get anything done.
I did try to ply my yarn too today,but quickly realized something wasn`t right,so I quit before I made too much of a mess,guess I`ll just use it as singles,I need my bobbins.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis!
I LOVED all your spinning and critter one time I was nuts over having sone llamas-I loved the alpacas, but the llamas really made me swoon. They are pretty cheap too...I prayed a lot about it, and we decided we really didn't have the right amount of land for 2 llama. I wanted sheep I enjoy other people's animals as much as if I had them. I sure wish I could have been with you at the spinning thing. I want some raw flax so bad, for my crafts. I bought some that is very fine-but I'd really like to have a big hunk of raw stuff. Got any contacts like that?
The rain is pretty annoying after a while, isn't it???!!!
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

When I go back to The Mannings I will ask.They either sell or or know where to get it.phylliso