Monday, July 6, 2009


This season so far has been pleasent & cool in the am.I`m still wearing flannel gowns to sleep in with the windows open at night.Here are some flowers that are blooming now.The bee balm is in its glory,towering over me,the lavender color is the last to bloom.I have mainly red,cranberry,& lavender.Everything is in masses,the way I like it,but my dh said he could never find me if I fell out there.Ha,Ha.
I let some weeds grow like the thistle as I`ve seen the goldfinches use it for nesting material.
This baby woodpecker seemed lost 1 day last week,he kept walking up & down the fence rails.


Baggaraggs: said...


i have gotten Monarda to grow here in the Winter time. The purple one does ok but the regular bee Balm will not grow for me. I think your flowers are just beautiful. hugs, Robin

phylliso said...

I did have the white monarda but it got moldy or whatever & died.The red has spread & spread & I keep dividing,letting the seeds on all winter,then scattering them.I just love it.So do the hummingbirds.phylliso