Thursday, July 23, 2009

On The Farm

I have to plug the Wadel`s
I`m hoping this link will take you right there,but if it doesn`t please view their website on my labels.
God put us with this lovely couple when we were selling our dairy hutch.The goats never went in it & it was just taking up space.They bought it for their calf.We got to talking & this week we ended up over at their 200 acre farm to buy hay for our angoras.They are one of the many farmers trying to keep their families farm running,& it has been difficult,she said.They want to go completely organic.They have lots of cows to milk,9000 turkeys to care for ,they will be going for turkey ham,she said.I could`ve hung out with her all day,she was so interesting to talk to.I would say they are in their 30`s,they`ve worked hard all of their life & really could use some prayers to God to keep their farm going.I wanted to take pictures of everything,but didn`t want them to freak out,so I did get a pic of the lovely sky there,it looked so different from our sky here in the woods,so much brighter,& of the turkeys.The lighting wasn`t correct to capture all of those eyes looking out,so I just took a close-up.
They don`t have the internet,but her sister does.This place to stay is not right at the farm,so you wouldn`t hear a bunch of gobbling or mooing,but it would be a beautiful weekend getaway.

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