Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hornet`s Nest

We went to get hay from Cathleen & Lamar the other evenning,& this time I remembered to grab my camera,even tho it was starting to get dark ,I did get these shots of the ever growing hornet`s nest,it is amazing.


FIONA said...

Thanks for sharing! What a huge nest.

My youngest son will be delighted to see this. He loves bugs of all kinds--even hornets.

I have been trying to get some shots of the bees covering my garlic chives and oregano.

Andora said...

That nest is in KY.they are all gray color.I have never seen one like this,and I have taken pics of a lot of them..wonder why the different colors?? I will have to try and look that one up..

phylliso said...

It was too dark,Fiona,to get them coming in & out,they were mostly in for the night.
Andora,this is the first I saw this color of nest too,all I have ever seen are gray ones.phylliso