Friday, September 4, 2009

Lyme Disease

I took our 8 year old sheltie, Maggie,to the vet this am for her routine shots.I voiced a few concerns I had for her,the vet did some tests,& she has lyme disease! I know Bandit was vaccinated last year for it,& I believe that was the first it was offered in vaccination form.I bought the frontline for all 3 shelties & have not had any problems with fleas or tics.I spent over $400 for the frontline,heartworm meds,& various other shots & things the last time I had them there.I feel devastated that this could happen when I took preventive measures.So Hunter will be getting a shot for that soon.We do live in the woods,but they aren`t really outside that much.I told my neighbors,so we can be on the lookout for the deer tics on ourselves as the vet said we are at risk too.She asked me if Maggie had any lameness in her hind legs,I said no,only she has always had trouble with her 2 front legs as she is overweight & has arthitis in them,she takes rimadyl for that.
Maggie is on the clear left,they are all happy mommy is done playing with soap & can now have time to play.


Baggaraggs: said...

Oh, Phyllis I am sorry to hear that. How long is the course of antibiotics? I hope she is better fast. Hugs, robin

phylliso said...

She is on doxycycline & will take them for 2 weeks,then follow-up with the vet.The vet said she`ll perk up right away,& she has,praise God,She also had a thyroid test done,we won`t have those results till Tues.phylliso