Friday, October 16, 2009

Christain Rock Music

We are blessed to have a huge new church we built & now after a few years, have no room,every age child we want a seperate classroom for,so we need to build onto it.Well,the times of the services have changed,so I end up going to the last service which starts at 11:15 instead of the tradional service.We stand & sing for a half hour & pray,then we have a "talk",it`s not a fire & brimstone sermon.I found new music to be into! Christain Rock.I was flipping around on the car radio & found thewordfm,I will try later to publish the link as the radio station is all around.It`s the same music we sing at this church service I attend now.
So Tues.I have to take Hunter,the sheltie we adopted last year after Max died,to the vets,& I kid you not,I`m singing along to Francesca Battistelli to"Free To Be Me..."I`ve got a couple of dents in my fender,got a couple of rips in my jeans,try to fit the pieces together but perfection is my enemy.On my own I am clumbsy but on Your shoulders I can see,I`m free to be me..." I hit the arbor the dh made me some years ago while backing the car out,look at this arbor,then my car...just goes to show how well made cars actually are...I looked at the arbor when I hit it & thought based on the dings on the arbor,that my car was fine,so I travel on to the vets for our appt.,come out & placed Hunter in my car & I thought,I`d better see how my car is...OMG it looks like I was in a major accident.The dh wasn`t mad with me tho,& we found another fender ,brackets,& wellwall part to fix it ,it wasn`t too much to fix on our own.But I could not believe the way the car looked.


FIONA said...


Sorry about the car. That arbor sure is sturdy.

Is Hunter OK?

phylliso said...

Hunter never had any blood tests done,so I had the full panel done & I`m so glad I did.His thyroid is off,he will be on pills twice daily for the rest of his life,his blood platelet count was so bad I give him 1/4 baby asprin twice a week.His liver is off too,but the vet said we will first concentrate on his thyroid.
Maggie goes back Tues.for follow-up with the lyme.They haven`t been too bad to get pills into,phylliso