Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a happy turkey day.This is the first year I haven`t cooked in I don`t know how long.I`m the only one who stuffs the turkey with oyster stuffing & I really miss that this year.One year I did it the Martha Stewart way,dipping cheesecloth in unsalted butter & white wine,letting it soak up & wrapping the turkey up with it.When it baked,it looked black,so we were all surprised when I took the cheesecloth off & it was really,really good,one of the best turkeys I`ve ever made.My first year I stuffed the turkey with the frozen gizzards still in the bag & in the turkey.It was a shock to me when the dh carved it & out came this paper with these "things" in it.I think someone won some money in a video of that happenning to them,been there,already done that.
The vultures are still coming ,fewer in number now.They have been very vocal,using that piercing,shrill call while crusing around.Some feeders pics of birds we had this month,my feeder is clean,it is just discolored,maybe Santa will bring me a new one?

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Happy Thanksgiving.