Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey Vultures

Last night before dark,I watched in amazement as at least 2 doz.turkey vultures swooped in to roost in the pines.It was incredible.This is the 3rd night that they slept here.Their wings crashed into limbs as they each found their sleeping place.I wished I could share this sight with someone,so I took more pics this am when I got up,they had moved to clearings in the trees & I could see them better.I awoke to them perched all around.{I`m starting to get a complex waking up surrounded by these birds}.They must have to keep stretching their wings,limbering up, before take off.


Baggaraggs: said...

We have alot of vultures around our place too Phyllis. I use to think it was something personal, like they knew something I didn't but I figured out that it was really the guy down the block throwing fish heads for them over the fence.:) Love , Robin

phylliso said...

Ha,Ha!! Thank you Robin for making me smile this am!love,Phyllis