Friday, November 13, 2009

Vultures,buck rub,nests

The vultures are still coming,fewer last night.I`m still thinking something dead in the woods was drawing them in,even tho there was no decaying smell.My friend sent me an article by Phil Miller,wildlife biologist,about vultures roosting behaviors.If I knew how to link you to it,I would,I printed out the article for future use.The behaviour of birds fasinate me.As I was reading another article,it seems that these huge birds nest on the ground.I thought I had found their nest in this tree,note how well made it is,far up in the pine,hardly noticable unless you were looking to the sky.In the spring,I had taken a pic of the turkey vulture in this tree,but after searching about this nest,I`ve come to the conclusion it has to be a hawks nest.It is not a squirrels nest,theirs have alot of leaves in it.This other,smaller nest,is in our apple tree.Robins raised little ones here in this nest,spiders are in it now.
I found this buck rub while scouting in the woods.I always thought buck rubs were just on trees,the scraping of antlers on trees,marking them,but the dh informed me they also make a circle like this in the leaves & pee in the middle,then leave a footprint.Learn something new most every day.He is the hunter,yet I`m the one to discover this rub.hah,hah.


Tammy said...

One time when I was a kid, my Dad, cousin and I went camping along the river. The next morning, very early we packed up and headed out as a storm was coming in. As we came up out of the river bottom, all of a sudden hundreds and hundreds of vultures started flying over. It was awesome and went on for a long time. Not sure if they were in some sort of migatory phase or what. Dad said they roosted down along the bluffs/caves of the river. He went back several times with my sister to try and get pictures, but it never happened again that we saw.

phylliso said...

Unless you actually view them in that fashion with hundreds of them over your heads & crashing their huge wings into the trees,you cannot understand what a vision it is.They are supposed to migrate,but I have seen them when snow has been on the ground in the dead of winter.
Your dad is right,they usually nest in caves & tree hollows.phylliso

Debra said...

I'm happy you are still seeing those guys. Ours have flown til next year.
Are you keeping that beautiful puppy??
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

I`m still praying about the puppy.He is adorable,he was ready to snooze in my lap that day.I had my heart set on a collie,so I`m giving it to God right now.phylliso

WhiteStone said...

We have a couple dozen buzzards that roost nightly on our city water tower. Sorta discomforting.

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