Monday, December 14, 2009

African Gray Congo,Zeba

I ran some errands for my mother the other day & when I got home,my parrot,Zeba was MIA,the opennings to her dishes were open.I suspect the dh gave her a piece of banana & forgot to close the door properly.I panicked because the dogs would get her if they had the chance ,but there she was on the dishwasher calmly tearing apart a bag of potatoes.


Andora said...

Glad you found her before the dogs did..wheeew..she is a beauty...she looks like she is enjoying those taters..

phylliso said...

She sure is,usually she`s very vocal,she talks alot,& when I didn`t hear her gabbying & laughing,I feared the worst,but she was otherwise occupied! He,he,phylliso

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