Friday, December 4, 2009

Goats hooves done

We got the goats hooves done today.Rich cut into Hendrix`s hoof too far & made it bleed.I always feel unworthy of them when this happens.He bled alot,but I treated him & he seems alright as I lead him about.
Jimi,his twin brother, got his face stuck in the animal crackers bag.Silly goat.
Blackie is the smallest goat.Rich took some pics of me today with them as I tend to them.I don`t have many pics of myself with them.

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Tammy said...

Great pictures. I love the one with the animal cracker sack.:-) I always hate when I quick one of them too, but they seem to take it well, without any lingering effects. When I got my first sheep and did my first foot trim, I quicked her and I cried. I think I took it harder than she did!