Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you Irish?

Happy Saint Patty`s Day!
Yes,I am partly Irish.I`ve been looking into my roots lately.The new show on TV that has celebs finding their roots prompted me.I come up in roadblocks on my father`s side.On my mother`s side,my grandfather was Uhler Haggerty.Unfortunately,the only memories of him are scary.He was a mean man,drunk alot of the time.He ran a dairy farm,was good around the animals,but when we would visit,he drank alot & was unhappy.This picture of him is the only time I saw him smile.The woman he is pictured with is Margaret.She was his mistress whom he moved into the farmhouse while my grandmother was still living there.My grandmother & he had 5 girls.When Margaret moved in,my grandmother had no choise but to leave.{If she had been me,I`d have stayed!}She left my mother & her 4 sisters with him.I don`t know the why`s of it all,I do know my grandmother ,Ruth Loller,had RA like me.Maybe she couldn`t keep up with the chores,I don`t know.I do know when she left,she had to get a job to support herself & she eventually moved on.
Margaret moved on too,she did not stay with my grandfather.The girls suffered & worked hard on the farm.They all graduated from school,but 2 of them ended up with mental illnesses,one being my mother,& the oldest is an alcholic.I have ideas of what may have happened,will post more of the story as I find out the details.
Pictures of my grandfather & Margaret,& my grandmother with my mother .


FIONA said...

My family is Scotch, but we wear green on St. Patty's day.

Those photos are so haunting, after reading the stories behind them.

Good luck finding more of your familie's history.

phylliso said...

I learned a little more,but not much,phylliso