Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goats hooves done

Taking a break from family history,we got the goats hooves clipped.Shearing will be soon as soon as we get our blades sharpened.We put up livestock panels to move them when the grass begins to grow.They have to get out of the mud this year.I figured we can put our garden in their pen,then plant grass for them as fall approaches so they will be back at the barn by winter.I`m hoping that they don`t escape somehow.We won`t be moving them for a month yet.The fence is up tho,yipee!They will be within my sight from the kitchen window where their new pasture will be.
Blackie is enjoying a good scratching,the bros,Jimi & Hendrix want to know what`s up...! Ringo ignores me as he just flat out hates me & is mad because I`m such a good lassoer & caught him for a hoof trim.


FIONA said...

Sounds like a big job.

What are you going to do with the wool when you sheer them?

phylliso said...

I hand wash it,brush out ,lay the pieces on a drum carder to bind the mohair together.I usually put a little sheep`s wool in with it.When it`s carded into batts,I spin it into yarn.I haven`t dyed much yet,but am anixious to try.I can use kool-aid to dye or natural plants like marigolds or mushrooms.I then either spin into yarn,or save some of it before it`s drumcarded for doll`s hair.phylliso

Debra said...

I love your goats! It's interesting to hear what you do with the 'hair'. I really loved using the mohair you sent me. It was beautiful. Can you show us all the neat stuff you do - like dying and spinning?

Debra said...

Happy Easter, friend!
Love, Debra

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Hi Phyllis, so glad you found my blog and entered my giveaway! I am going to look forward to following along on your blog. I love angora goats! I tried to convince my husband we needed to add a few to our flock of 50 Shetland Sheep! But, we had our "experience" with overly friendly goats who liked to join us for dinner, no matter what kind of barrier they were behind! So, I'm trying for a llama! Kim