Monday, April 26, 2010

Angora Goats Sheared

Before & after shots of our goats.Blackie has alot of wrinkles!The dh decided to let them have a beard,he thought maybe they wouldn`t act as crazy.I think he`s right,they didn`t go hide & butt each other so much afterwards as they usually do.Jimi is doing a happy dance.They are 4 years old this year.


Baggaraggs: said...

Boy Phyllis that must be a real JOB shearing those guys. I can hardly believe they are the same goats. Now will you spin their wool? They are so beautiful.
I hope it is warming up for you all. It will soon be too HOT here. I am never happy, I know:) HUGs, Robin

phylliso said...

Yes,it`s a big relief to get them done,they get done again in the fall.
Yes,I will spin their wool mixed with some sheeps wool for memory,not much but some.It`s the task of washing it all now,I do it all by hand.
We had frost again this am,but have had some really nice days lately,as long as the sun keeps shining I`m happy,phylliso