Friday, April 9, 2010

Spinning the singles

Here is the start of spinning my own hand dyed singles,I just love the color,lily.


Baggaraggs: said...

WoW. That looks very neat. I love that color too Phyllis. Spring has finally come to us. Maybe I will finally be able to shed some winter weariness and get on with things:) Hugs, Robin

Debra said...

I love that color too. I wish I could spin. I have a drop spindle and tried so hard to teach myself from the booklet that came with it. You should see the junk I spun!!! It was very frustrating!

phylliso said...

The temps here went back down.I`m sorta glad we didn`t shear sooner,they may have caught cold.Shooting for next week.
I joined the cloth & clay group,Robin.The doll net never published my doll to be voted for,& when I emailed them they said to send it again-still nadda,nothing.After all I put into making it,so went over & joined that group.How are your doll classes going?
Drop spindling was frustrating for me too,I could envision you with a wheel,Debra.phylliso

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis, thanks for visiting my blog again and for your comments. I noticed you do not have your reply turned on so I decided to come and leave my comments on your blog. :) The thrift stores I go to are charity thrift stores run by local church ladies, and I also go to a large one that has so much stuff they keep it moving all day long with new stuff. Most Good Will's are expensive I've noticed but this one I go to by the pound is the end of the line stuff that hasn't sold. The stuff at this one goes flying out of the large bins they have. I have a cousin in CA that wants to come visit me just to go thrifting with me! LOL Should be lots of fun! You can join us! :)

I was looking at your blogs you follow and we have a lot in common because I like primitives and folk art also! I liked Tom Miner Quilts by Nancy. I like wool applique and have a few little things I've done and will post them soon.

I LOVE your yarn your spinning! Can't wait to see what you do with it~!!!!! P.S. Maybe you can use your yarn in your doll making?!

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Hi Phyllis! I've tried my hand a bit on the dyeing, hope to try some more this summer. What I need desperately is a drum carder! The wrists just don't like the hand carding thing. Speaking of this, I better call the shearer and get on the list! Waiting on a baby lamb here, just one bred this year and that wasn't intentional! Naughty sheep. Kim